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We are Edufax. An education management company ready to serve relocating families. Children’s educational needs are a top priority for us. We therefore always put the child’s welfare at the centre of our work. We offer educational advice and tailor-made educational solutions for expatriate families. We also offer quality support to our corporate clients. Always with short lines of communication.

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  • All the tools to make informed school choices
  • Knowledge of education systems and curricula around the world
  • A tailor-made education plan by thinking ahead
  • Always innovating and expanding our knowledge
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Moving with children: Edufax helps

When you move to a new country with school-age children, you ask yourself some crucial questions. How will the transition to a new school be as smooth as possible? What kind of education suits your child best? How do you best prepare your child for the new language of instruction? What support can the receiving school offer? How can you further develop your child’s mother tongue?

We understand your concerns. That is why we help you put the different pieces of the puzzle together. This is how we prepare you for the educational transition. From A to Z.

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More than 30 years of experience

With more than 30 years of experience moving families to over 45 countries, no situation is foreign to us. We work with global mobility teams around the world, which means that no circumstance is too challenging for us.

Our child-oriented attitude allows us to find a suitable solution for every international move. We strive for a successful move for all families, with the child at the centre. We analyse, identify the potential risks of a move and do all we can to mitigate them.

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Times change, trust remains

In recent years, we have had to deal with changes both inside and outside the company and in the market. Yet, we have supported hundreds of families with educational choices, helped thousands of children with mother-tongue maintenance, and in addition to laying a strong foundation for education-focused business policies aimed at cost efficiency and employee satisfaction. Times change, trust remains.

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