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Moving to another country is a move that is both exciting and testing for a family. Edufax has been at the forefront of education solutions for relocating families since 1992 and has helped thousands of families and dozens of multinationals make considered choices on children’s education and education-related policies.

How it all began

It is 1992, and global mobility is increasing around the world. Companies are expanding their reach; ambitious employees are looking for exciting opportunities abroad and taking their families with them to embark on this adventure together.

Thousands of Dutch children became “expat” children experiencing a time away from the local school and language in the Netherlands. After their return, things were not the same and reintegration came with challenges.

Peter Zuidema came up with the idea of faxing teaching materials to children abroad (edufax), so they could keep up with the Dutch language, and in turn, reintegrate more easily into the Dutch education system later on.

Ons verhaal | edufax

Evolving world, growing services

We are a truly Brabant company in the Brainport region. Despite that “local” fact, Edufax has quite an international footprint. Families and companies have been provided with advice and/or educational solutions in more than 45 countries worldwide.

We move with the times: from making technological adjustments, identifying and mapping the needs of the social climate, to being and staying abreast of developments in the market. Our education experts, our innovation team and our qualified primary and secondary teachers constantly work together to find relevant and practical solutions.

Ons verhaal | edufax

From fax, to computer to iPad

Faxing teaching materials to Dutch children abroad turned into virtual language lessons via computers and later iPads. Meanwhile, in addition to private families, we also work for multinationals around the world and have partnerships with international relocation companies.

We no longer work with fax machines or noisy dial-up internet – and while our connections keep changing, ours are getting stronger.

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