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An international move is a big change for your employee. Especially when children are involved. Good education in the new home country is of great importance. Edufax offers tailor-made education solutions and advice.

With appropriate education abroad, your employee’s family will quickly feel at home in the new country. And so the chances of a successful deployment are greater. Happy kids, happy employee, happy company.

Put the child first for a successful relocation of your expat

  • Years of collaboration with more than 50 international companies
  • Tailored educational advice for every family
  • Counselling before, during and after the international move
  • Global knowledge of school systems
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We have a solution for any situation, anywhere in the world.

Are you responsible for the international deployment of employees within your company? If so, educational advice and guidance should not be lacking. In order for an international assignment to be successful, there needs to be a good foundation for your employee’s family. Edufax is happy to help you with this.

Our educational advisors have years of experience in the international world of education. They know exactly how this world works and thus advise on the education best suited for your employee’s children. This also makes them a source of questions for the families; everything to make the entire international relocation and education process run smoothly.

Not only do we advise your company and your expatriate employees, but you can also come to us for various educational solutions. Think about language courses, mother tongue education and pre-departure language courses.

Cooperation with Edufax

When it is clear that an employee is going to relocate with his or her family, a lot falls on your mobility manager or HR officer’s plate. Edufax takes full care of the family’s educational issues.

Hulp vooraf | edufax
Help in advance!

The earlier in the process you engage us, the better. Together, we will then look at what the consequences (may) be for the children of employees who are being considered for a position abroad. We are happy to engage with candidates to discuss any concerns about their child(ren)’s educational future.

Initiatie van een familie | edufax
Initiation of a family

Let us know when you know that an employee will take up a new position abroad in a few months’ time. We will pick up this initiation right away. We will then contact the family and initiate our Educational Support Package process.

My Eduax Portal (MEP) | edufax
My Edufax Portal (MEP)

You will have access to our MEP (My Edufax Portal). A handy application that allows you to see at a glance the status of all the families we provide advice and education to for your company. The families themselves also get access to this application. This way, they obtain an information feed on the new host location and can access their Educational Mobility Reports.

Educational Mobility Report | edufax
Educational Mobility Report

After each interview, our education consultants produce analyses and reports for families. This compares education systems, identifies risks and estimates requirements. Part of this report is also available to your company. In case of specifics, we always discuss with the company what solutions we may offer. In doing so, we also temper expectations when it comes to costs that may or may not be reimbursed to families.

Ongoing support | edufax
Ongoing support

A personal account manager keeps the relevant HR/mobility managers informed of all ongoing issues on a weekly or monthly basis and thinks along proactively. Of course, an employee’s situation may change in the interim. To ensure that the children are affected as little as possible, we provide annual updates on their “school status.” You can always switch gears if something should happen in the interim.

Terugkomst van de werknemer | edufax
Employee return

With every expat deployment, there is a time of return. Although the exact end date is not known until later, the approximate duration of the assignment is often indicated in advance.

A few months before returning, we take up this process with “return support.” This way, you will not be confronted with any surprises; we are already well aware of all your requirements. Of course, you can also call on us when we were not yet involved in the family’s deployment, but help is needed on return.

Companies we work for

Companies | edufax

A successful international broadcast

An early termination of a deployment is often related to the private situation. The children’s school situation often plays a crucial role in this. We put the child’s needs first. The result? A happy child, a happy family and therefore a happy employee. This is how you lay the foundations for a successful international assignment, and that is what we strive for at Edufax.

An education partner

An international deployment is an investment. One way to protect that investment is to guide a family through the educational decisions to be made for their children. This allows potential problems to be addressed and concerns about the children’s educational future to be addressed prior to an assignment. This gives confidence to the family and is essential to getting an international relocation process off to a good start. This allows the employee to keep the focus on work with peace of mind. We are there for the peripheral issues!

Which countries does Edufax provide educational advice on?

It does not matter where you come from or where an employee goes. About and for each country, we can share knowledge, make analyses and identify educational risks for both expats and international local hires.

Educational support package
Can you also take education courses at Edufax?

You certainly can! Besides NTC-online (Dutch language and culture distance learning), you can also follow a summer programme (language and maths) with us. It is also possible to take pre-departure lessons, language courses in any language and remedial teaching.

NTC online
What is the difference between an expat and an international local hire and your advice therein?

An expat goes on an international assignment with the plan to return after a certain period of time. An international local hire settles permanently in a new country. Different stories and therefore different trajectories for the employee and his or her children. We offer appropriate analyses and advice for both situations.

Are there any alternatives to the international school?

There certainly are! Our advice is really based on what is best for the child. It may be better for the child's development to integrate into the local education system. This allows the child to build friendships and meet up with friends after school, and the child will feel at home even faster. In practice, children can therefore integrate into the local education system. That is why it can also be financially interesting for companies to seek such advice from us.

Transition care
Are edufax’s various services combinable?

Yes! What sets us apart from others is that we do not only offer advice or education, but a combination of both is possible. Get in touch so that we can look together at your needs and challenges. On that basis, we will put together tailor-made packages.

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Edufax: education solutions from A to Z!

Whether you cross borders as a family, act as this family’s employer or seek advice from the school you work for, Edufax is the expert in this field. Our innovative educational solutions are tailored to a child’s specific needs. We make every effort to ensure that a child receives the most appropriate education. Before, during and after an international move. Parents, employers and schools can rely on our well-founded, independent and sincere advice.

At Edufax, several experts within the education sector work ready to assist families making an international move. In our educational advice and solutions, we put the needs of the child first. We do this by providing tailor-made advice for each family, company and situation.

For example, choose the Educational Support Package if you want advice on the best schooling, both locally and internationally. Take advantage of pre-departure language courses to properly prepare children for the foreign language environment. Choose the native language education to ensure a smooth eventual return to home country. Or ask one of our advisers about the best fitting solution!

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