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International moves can be challenging, especially for families with children. Edufax offers customized education solutions and expert guidance to help your employees’ families settle into their new home country. By supporting their children’s education, the chances of a successful deployment are higher. Partner with Edufax for seamless transitions during international moves.

Put the child first for a successful relocation of your expat

  • Expert guidance on global education systems
  • Tailored educational advice for every family
  • Decades of experience with worldwide moves
  • Team of experts in education

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Education advice for children when relocating internationally | edufax

Your trusted education mobility partner

At Edufax, we specialize in assisting employees with school-age children during relocations. Our customized solutions simplify the process of finding the right school and ensuring a smooth transition. With extensive experience in global moves and deep knowledge of worldwide education systems, we provide tailored support to meet the unique needs of each family.

Working with us

When an employee is relocating with their family, it can be a lot for your mobility manager or HR officer to handle. Edufax can lighten their load by taking care of the family’s educational needs.

Hulp vooraf | edufax
Getting acquainted

We will set up a meeting with you to go over our education relocation packages offering varying levels of support for your employees.

Initiatie van een familie | edufax
Families on the move

Whenever you have a family getting ready to sign a contract or prepare for a move, you can send them our way and we will commence the education support.

My Eduax Portal (MEP) | edufax
My Edufax Portal

The Edufax Portal is a powerful tool for companies and families during international moves, offering features such as a company dashboard, educational database, school recommendation tools, document management, and communication platform. It provides a centralized platform for managing the relocation process and accessing essential information and support.

Educational Mobility Report | edufax
Educational Mobility Report

Following our meeting with a family, our education consultants create a comprehensive report that compare education systems, identify potential risks, and estimate the family’s educational needs. This report is shared with both the family and the company, and we work closely with the company to determine the most appropriate solutions. We also have open discussions about any associated costs and manage expectations around reimbursement to ensure transparency and alignment between all parties.

Ongoing support | edufax
Ongoing support

Our services do not end once a family moves. We offer support after the family has settled in, to ensure everything is going smoothly with their child’s education.

Terugkomst van de werknemer | edufax

With every expat deployment, there is a time of return. For expat employees, we remain their education constant throughout – and ensuring their children’s reintegration is as seamless as possible by guiding families on the educational options of their children upon repatriation.

Which countries does Edufax provide educational advice on?

It does not matter where you come from or where an employee goes. About and for each country, we can share knowledge, make analyses and identify educational risks for both expats and international local hires.

Educational support package
Can you also take education courses at Edufax?

You certainly can! Besides NTC-online (Dutch language and culture distance learning), you can also follow a summer programme (language and maths) with us. It is also possible to take pre-departure lessons, language courses in any language and remedial teaching.

NTC online
What is the difference between an expat and an international local hire and your advice therein?

An expat goes on an international assignment with the plan to return after a certain period of time. An international local hire settles permanently in a new country. Different stories and therefore different trajectories for the employee and his or her children. We offer appropriate analyses and advice for both situations.

Are there any alternatives to the international school?

There certainly are! Our advice is really based on what is best for the child. It may be better for the child's development to integrate into the local education system. This allows the child to build friendships and meet up with friends after school, and the child will feel at home even faster. In practice, children can therefore integrate into the local education system. That is why it can also be financially interesting for companies to seek such advice from us.

Transition care
Are edufax’s various services combinable?

Yes! What sets us apart from others is that we do not only offer advice or education, but a combination of both is possible. Get in touch so that we can look together at your needs and challenges. On that basis, we will put together tailor-made packages.

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