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Are you moving abroad? Or are you returning to the Netherlands or Belgium after living in another country for a while? Then it can be a challenge to smoothly integrate your children into the new education system. Edufax is there for you with the educational solution your child needs.

Appropriate education for every child when moving internationally

  • Advice on finding a suitable day school
  • Pre-departure lessons in the new language for a nice, relaxed start
  • Quality online education to keep up with the mother tongue
  • Assistance with relocation, return and future plans
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Appropriate educational solutions for every child abroad

When you move to another country, you might be worried about your child’s education. Of course, your child should be given every opportunity to develop and flourish fully. This is also possible abroad. There is a suitable educational solution for every child anytime and anywhere in the world. We are convinced of that! For more than 30 years, we have supported families worldwide with education and educational advice so every child gets the educational solution he or she needs – before, during and after the international move.


You are facing an international relocation. Edufax is by your side. Every family situation is different, of course, but you can read about how it roughly works here.

Initiatie | edufax

You or your employer contact us. You tell us your story and details about the upcoming move. To map everything out, we will send you a questionnaire. This will give us a good insight into your needs, wishes and the educational history of your child(ren).

We plannen een gesprek in | edufax
We schedule an interview

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will see which consultant suits you best. We put the agendas side by side and schedule a meeting at a time that suits you. Online or face-to-face.

Consultatiegesprek | edufax

During the consultation, we have a lot to discuss. All concerns and questions can be discussed. After all, which curriculum fits best? Is the language of instruction changing? What are the differences between international schools? Can your child perhaps attend public education? How can we maintain mother tongue development? What risks and opportunities does your consultant see? Are there any other issues you want to know about? We cover it all.

Alle informatie komt jouw kant op | edufax
All information comes your way

Everything we have discussed, we record well. Your questions are worked out and we send you all the information you need. So you have everything together and know exactly where you stand.

Educational mobility rapport | edufax
Educational mobility rapport

The entire summary of the interview and all the information is recorded in a report. This allows you to read everything again at your leisure. If applicable, part of the report will also be sent to your employer. This way, they also get an insight into the advice, any risks and possible costs associated with the move.

Admissions support | edufax
Admissions support

If you choose admissions support, we will help you with school visits. Found a school that suits you and your child(ren)? Then we will guide you hands-on through the school’s application process.

Doorlopende beschikbaarheid | edufax
Continuous availability

When everything is settled, our service does not stop. Because even after the move, questions and challenges may arise. We will be happy to help you with that. We remain available for all your questions!

Extra ondersteuning nodig? | edufax
Need extra support?

We always give tailor-made advice. And so we also offer tailor-made services. For example, are you moving to a country with a new language of instruction? Then we arrange pre-departure lessons. Or do you want your child(ren) to remain proficient in their mother tongue? No problem. A gap in the curriculum? Then we will support you with remedial teaching. We are at your service!

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Professional Dutch education all over the world

Whether you are moving to Australia, Spain, Canada or anywhere else in the world, you would like your child to remain proficient in the Dutch language. You may still speak Dutch to each other, but abroad they will no longer be taught this. That is why we have developed a flexible online programme: NTC-online. Thorough online education with professional teachers. They take your child(ren) by the hand to achieve the set learning goals. Supervised by the Education Inspectorate and recognised by the NOB Foundation. So you can be sure you are in the right place. And by the way, time differences are no problem at all for our teachers!

Want to know more about NTC-online?

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Emigrate or return? All the information you need!

Besides providing Dutch distance learning, we also support your mobile family in other ways. That is why we have developed a support programme to help you through all the challenges you might encounter on your journey. Practical tips, helpful videos and useful information to help you find your way in the world of international moving. And do you still have questions? Then our advisor is ready to help you.

Read more about Transition Care

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The employer often cooperates

Are you moving abroad for work reasons? Often, your employer is willing to help pay for your children’s education because if your children are comfortable in the new home country, this increases the chances of a successful posting. We take the wishes of employers, families and schools into account, but always put the needs of your child(ren) first because every child deserves an appropriate educational solution. Our experts advise you on suitable schools and mother tongue education. This saves you stress and is also in your employer’s interest.

Read more about our collaboration with employers

Why choose edufax?

It is quite simple. We have a suitable solution for every specific situation. With more than 30 years of experience under their belt, our passionate teachers and consultants offer all the help you need whatever educational challenge you face.

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How do you proceed?

Every family and every issue is different. But of course some things are the same. Above is a handy timeline that shows you roughly how the process works.

View the timeline
Who is education through edufax for?

We offer an online teaching programme NTC (Dutch Language and Culture) for both primary and secondary education. Ideal for children of (world) travellers, emigrants and expats.

Read more about NTC-online
Can a child return to education in the Netherlands without any problems?

Yes! We take care of that. We provide school and education advice when you return to the Netherlands or Belgium. This way, we find out exactly where your child can go best and make sure their school career continues uninterrupted.

Read more about returning to the Netherlands

Education and education consultancy from Edufax

Emigrating is a challenging undertaking. Especially for families with children. Because no matter how great a job opportunity seems, your children need to feel at home! That starts with education.

Before you start emigrating, you have a lot to arrange. You want your children to get a good education at every stage of the move so that they don’t fall behind. And we can help you with that.

Education by Edufax
We believe that borders and relocation should not stop children from learning or keeping up with a language. That’s why we offer services that help your children learn no matter how far away you go

Education advice
Not only can your children be educated with us. We are happy to provide you with advice on foreign school systems, enrolment procedures and translation of reports. So you are never alone and your children’s education, even abroad, is always well organised.

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