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CNaVT- or NT2-exams

Receiving a degree or certificate Dutch?

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For the students following an Entree programme with us, there is the option of completing the subject Dutch language with an NT2 or CNaVT exam. If you want to study or work in the Netherlands, you can show that your Dutch is of a sufficient level with a diploma or certificate. The exams are held at external organisations, but we will be happy to give you more information.

Please note! Registration for the CNaVT exams is open and closes on 15th of March. Make sure you register on time if you want to take your exam this school year (in May 2023). Registration for the NT2 exams is possible at several times.

Good preparation is half the battle

In NTC-online, you can follow two programmes that prepare you for the exams: the Entree I and II programme. Under the guidance of a teacher, you will work on the skills that will be tested during the exams: reading, listening, speaking and writing. You will also work on practice exams so that you know exactly what to expect.

Have you followed Entree I and do you want to start an MBO programme at level 3 or 4 in the Netherlands? Then the NT2-I exam or the CNaVT exam Maatschappelijk Formeel will suit you best.

Have you followed Entree II and do you want to study in the Netherlands at a college or university? Then the exams of NT2-II or CNaVT- Educatief Startbekwaam match best.

NT2 of CNaVT?

There are still some substantive and practical differences between the Nt2 and CNaVT exams. Which exam you choose depends on your goal. It is important that when you start to study in the Netherlands, you check with the programme what requirements and conditions they set. With that information, you can make an informed decision.

We mention some important differences between NT2 and CNaVT. See image below.

Please note, information on this page may be out of date. So it is important that you always keep an eye on the authority’s website.

Want to read more about the differences, costs, application procedure and more? Then check out the Nt2 en CNaVT websites.

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