Do you live abroad with your family? Or will you be returning to the Netherlands or Belgium soon? NTC-online is the programme in Dutch distance learning that will help your children move on. Whether that is to improve their intake in Dutch education upon return or to maintain their mother tongue abroad. Our professional, flexible teachers do their utmost to keep pupils motivated and up to standard.

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All levels: primary, secondary and IB
Professional teaching by experienced teachers
Quality and structure
Personal attention
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Professional Dutch distance learning anywhere in the world

Whether you move to Spain, Thailand or America; we ensure that your children receive quality Dutch education. Anywhere in the world.
Our professional, flexible teachers provide online distance learning Dutch. We have teachers in different time zones, so lessons can always be taught at a desired time. With NTC-online, our teachers take your child by the hand to achieve the learning goals you have set. Our programme is supervised by the Education Inspectorate and recognised by the NOB Foundation.

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What do you benefit from with NTC-online?

  • Flexible, efficient programme recognised by the Education Inspectorate and the NOB Foundation
  • Completely tailored to the child’s needs
  • Individual online lessons
  • Well-structured exercises tailored to current affairs in the Netherlands
  • Expert, qualified and experienced teachers
  • Programme aimed at developing a child’s full potential
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How NTC-online helps your child get ahead

An international move can have a profound impact on children. Their social relationships change dramatically and their ability to adapt is severely tested; especially in terms of education. The new school probably teaches in a different language. In addition, it is also important that your child continues to follow Dutch education. Because when you return to the Netherlands at some point, you don’t want your child to have fallen behind in learning. That is why we have developed NTC-online.

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The child always comes first with us

With us, the interests of the child come first. With this in mind, we have been creating tailor-made educational solutions for children moving internationally since 1992. The children of today are the global citizens of tomorrow. That is why we want to help them develop their full potential and flourish.
This commitment has led, among other things, to the development of NTC-online: an effective, fully online education programme that is in line with the Dutch curriculum. Professional, skilled teachers provide solid distance learning Dutch via the Internet. They take the child and the family by the hand to achieve the set learning goals.

Rates basic programmes

Here you will find the prices for our basic programmes for one school year. For this you get:

  • Access to all NTC-online lessons;
  • Instructions and explanations in images and/or text;
  • Feedback from an experienced teacher (via the digital programme);
  • Annual method-independent tests and reporting;
  • Start and progress meetings with the teacher.

*Within Entree II, you can choose Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL). Which programme is best for your child will be determined together with the teacher and an educational consultant.
**Prices for IB Dutch A classes 5 and 6 include 15 individual lessons with a teacher. Your child will be guided via video call.
Do you need more lessons? Then you can find the price below.

Rates 1-on-1 online lessons

Our teachers also provide individual tutoring to students via video call. During these lessons, an experienced teacher works with the student on NTC-online lessons. The 1-on-1 lessons for preschoolers last 30 minutes. Primary and secondary school lessons last 45 minutes and are scheduled in consultation with the teacher.

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