Pre departure language course

An international move often involves a new language. Starting at a school where a foreign language is spoken can therefore be very exciting for children. To make sure they can enter well-prepared and confident, we offer a wide variety of pre-departure language courses.

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Increased self-confidence through pre-departure language courses

A new language is always exciting. How will it go at school? Will your children be able to express themselves in the new language and will they be able to follow the lessons? Not only you, but also your child will wonder about this. And maybe even get a little nervous about it! By starting pre-departure language courses in the new language of instruction, we take away some of these nerves, and confidence takes its place. Pre-departure language courses can be started in many different languages and are delivered online by experienced teachers. They can be started at any time, so your children will be well prepared for departure.

Pre departure language course | edufax

Pre-departure language courses: more than a language course

We offer language courses from a qualified teacher for all ages and (almost) all languages. We then don’t just start learning the language, but take stock first. What is the child’s starting level? What about general language skills? This is how we get off to a good start with the language course. The goal: starting with confidence in the foreign-language school environment. Are you moving abroad for work? Then be sure to discuss our possibilities with your employer. We work together with various companies to make the employee secondment as smooth and successful as possible.


Pre departure language course | edufax

Language courses for your employee

Are one or more employees scheduled for an international assignment? Are they moving to another country, with a different language? It is important that your employee’s entire family is well prepared. That way, they will feel more at ease in the new home country, which increases the chances of a successful international assignment. We are happy to help you and your employees. With our language courses, we ensure good preparation, giving your employees more confidence in the move. A win-win situation!

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Pre departure language course | edufax

Return support

Will the family return to the Netherlands? Or will they instead move to yet another country? Even then, various concerns arise. Because how and where does the child enter the Dutch or foreign school system? What is needed for that? Even then, we are there for the company, the family and of course the children. We take full responsibility for all educational issues in order to ensure a smooth return or further relocation.

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The importance of language cannot be expressed in words.
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