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We know better than anyone that an international move can have a big impact on your family. Your child’s education plays an important role in this, as does their socio-emotional well-being. When this is well organised, your child will connect better, whether in the new home country or when you return to the Netherlands. Transition Care is a support programme that helps parents prepare their children as well as possible for the upcoming changes.

Transition Care | edufax
Personalised support
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Transition Care | edufax

What is Transition Care?

Our specialists have set up Transition Care to support the departure and return of internationally mobile families. With our information packs, we raise awareness and give you tools to guide your children through an international move. Expect videos, information and practical tips on the possible challenges you may face as a family. Including fun activities you can do with your children to prepare for departure or return, for example. Meanwhile, an advisor from Edufax is always on hand to go through the materials with you and answer any questions you may have.

Transition Care | edufax

What do you benefit from with Transition Care?

  • Informative videos educating you about preventive care for children and young people who move (multiple times) from one country to another
  • Tips and activities to do with the children< /li>./li>
  • A meeting with one of our counsellors to ask your questions and discuss concerns
  • When necessary, we can refer you to specialised support such as counsellors, coaches or psychologists.
Transition Care | edufax

Support for every family

It doesn’t matter where you are from or where you are going. Transition Care is very valuable for every family. Start it before you move, or when you have already moved. It can be followed at your convenience, simply online. Our advisor is ready to discuss any problems you may have. That way, the programme always meets your needs. Do you also need help with choosing education or maintaining the mother tongue? Our advisor offers you all the help you need!

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