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Are you moving abroad with your child(ren)? Then, of course, they need to go to a new school. Your child’s school report may need to be translated into the language and relevant terminology for the new school. This way, the right decisions are made in class allocation. Some schools don’t even accept foreign children without such a translation, so a translation is essential. Fortunately, Edufax is there for you.

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New country, new school system

Almost every country has a different school system. Even between international schools there are differences in systems and curricula. As a result, the transition to a new school abroad does not always run smoothly. After all, how do you know which school and class is suitable? A translation and interpretation of the report of the current school will go a long way. This gives the teachers at the new school an objective insight into your child’s knowledge and skills. This results in better grading, guidance and education.

Translation school report | edufax

One review is not the other

Not every school assesses in the same way. In the Netherlands, this is usually done on a scale from 1 to 10. But in some other countries, on the contrary, we see a scale from F to A. Within the international IB school system, we sometimes see scales from 1 to 7. Even within the same system, a 7 is not always a 7. This is why it takes an expert to make the right translation and interpretation of a school report.

Translation school report | edufax

Edufax helps you further

OK, so you need a translation of your child’s school report. Edufax’s international education specialists are here to help. They know exactly how the different curricula work. They translate the current report so that it becomes a usable document for the new school, but we are happy to help you even further! Think of educational research, placement studies and general support for your children’s education when moving to another country.

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Good education for the child of your employee posted abroad

We always say: happy kids, happy family, happy company. What do we mean by that? When you send an employee abroad, his or her family has to move with them, and that can have a major impact. If your employee’s children are doing well, however, the foreign assignment is more likely to succeed. That is why we help you arrange education for these children. For instance, by translating the current report so that the children can be accepted at a suitable school. We can also unburden you in many more ways.

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Translation school report | edufax

A reliable partner

We have been a reliable partner for families and their employers in international removals for more than 30 years. With our educational solutions and independent advice, we put the child’s needs first. We keep all stakeholders involved and ensure that a child receives the most appropriate education: before, during and after an international move.

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