Edufax can help all kids with learning the Dutch language. Whether they are Dutch or have another nationality. We offer online Dutch classes with qualified teachers. Great for when you’re moving to the Netherlands and very important when Dutch kids move abroad. Read along and find out the endless possibilities that we have to offer.

Dutch courses for Dutch kids

Dutch children living abroad live and breathe a different culture, which often slows or even halts the development of their Dutch language skills. Children living in the Netherlands are continuously exposed to the Dutch language. Gradually they do not only increase their vocabulary and learn about sentence structure, but they also learn expressions they need to function well in society. If you move abroad as a family, the children will mainly have to deal with a different language in daily life. We believe it is beneficial and important for Dutch children abroad to maintain and improve their Dutch reading and writing while learning in English or another local language. And of course, we recognize that every child has their own unique educational path.

Online Dutch course: NTC-online

To improve the proficiency of their mother tongue, we have developed NTC-online. A modern, flexible, online distance-learning Dutch course at primary and secondary school level. Personal, tailored one-on-one guidance from experienced teachers and appealing teaching materials ensure a child can fit the program into its schedule and stays motivated. The online Dutch course can be fully tailored to the needs of your child. This is important to us, the people at Edufax. Because for us, the child always comes first.

Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure students receive top quality language education that will prepare them for success
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Dutch classes at primary school level

If you opt for our distance education at primary school level, our educational mobility consultants and teachers will be happy to think along with you about the ideal learning route for your child. A lot of matters play a role in this. How has your child developed so far? What class was your child placed during your time abroad? What is the educational curriculum like? How long will you stay abroad?

Once we have determined the best route for your child, there are two options. Your child can either learn to read and write at a pace equal to the Dutch curriculum, or we take into consideration what is available at the school abroad. An expert, experienced teacher can provide personal guidance via Skype, whether your child is in group 1 or group 8. After completing group 8, your child can move on to our secondary education level.

Dutch language course for all kids | edufax

Dutch classes at secondary education level

Secondary education in the Netherlands consists of different phases. For example, after completing primary school, many children will decide in the first year which level suits them best: vmbo, havo or vwo. With NTC-online, we also work according to this system. These online Dutch classes aim to develop your child’s full academic potential.

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Dutch language course for all kids | edufax

Dutch courses for non-Dutch kids

Non-Dutch children who are moving to the Netherlands can benefit from our pre-departure language courses. When children attend an international school, their teachers and friends will speak English with them. For kids who have not lived in an English-speaking country, this could be a big transition. Our pre-departure English courses are an excellent solution. And if you would prefer your child to go to a local Dutch school? We also offer pre-departure Dutch courses. This can help give your child a great start at the local school, including in making friends.

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Dutch classes tailored to your child

At Edufax, we want to help children thrive. Especially when an international move is at stake. We believe that geographical boundaries should not hinder a child’s development. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens of the world. We see it as our task to prepare them for the globalising society in which they will soon build a life and career.

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