When families with children embark on an international assignment, the assignee’s satisfaction with work has a significant relationship with their children’s ability to adjust to the new country successfully. To minimize the risk of assignment breakdown, these families can be provided with an all-encompassing educational advice. Families whose children settle in safely and comfortably in the new environment have much higher chances of performing well at work, completing the assignment, and continuing to move internationally.

Complete education advice to moving parents

Edufax has over 30 years of experience when it comes to education advice for moving families. Such a complete educational advice covers three key phases. Pre-departure support, ongoing support during the expatriation and preparation for repatriation or cross-posting when the expat does not switch to a local contract.

Pre-departure education advice

Before you leave, you need to select a school for your children, and they need to be enrolled. Your children may also need some preparation to thrive at the new school. Every situation is unique. Do you already have a school in mind? Or are you perhaps unsure about the curriculum? You need a comprehensive overview of the options to make the right choice. You need to be comfortable and confident about your children’s education when you’re moving abroad. That’s why our education advice caters to the individual needs of your family. We can answer all your questions, select the right schools, and even provide pre-departure language courses to kickstart your children’s education once you’ve moved.

Education advice during your stay abroad

Families with children who moved abroad for an international assignment or to take a position as a local hire, have shown to appreciate the possibility to discuss the education situation of their children with an international education specialist. Issues with schooling should always come up and it takes away a lot of stress when proper education advice can be obtained.

Mother tongue maintenance

During your stay abroad, maintaining and even reinforcing the native language brings many benefits. First of all, your child maintains a connection with the culture of its home country. Secondly, it has been proven that a good foundation in the mother tongue contributes to the general language skills. Finally, it strengthens the parent-child relationship because it enables you to communicate freely in your preferred language. It is also very important to consider a possible return to your home country. A good command of the mother tongue is necessary to smoothly return to local education. During your stay abroad, Edufax can provide your children with mother tongue maintenance.

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Education advice for children when relocating internationally | edufax

Repatriation or moving to the next international assignment

Different concerns tend to arise when it’s time to repatriate or move to yet another country. Edufax can help you with the new educational challenges to secure continuous quality of education and to facilitate a safe landing. When you move to the next, new country, the cycle starts again in the pre-departure phase. When you move back home, we can research the best schools for your child. After researching the education options, you will receive an educational report. This report can be shared with the new school, it’s often required to assign your child to the correct class and to provide the correct support.

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Expert advice from overseas education consultants

With every step of the way, Edufax is by your side. Not only do we help internationally moving families, we also work together with companies who deal with relocating their employees. Whenever you need expert advice from overseas education consultants, we are there for you.

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