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Expat services in the Netherlands

When you’re moving to the Netherlands as an expat family, there are many things to plan and arrange. You may wonder: what about the education for our kids? How are we going to transition into our new life in the Netherlands? When and how are we going to learn Dutch and is it necessary? You have come to the right place. Edufax is here to answer all your questions regarding expat services in the Netherlands focused on education, language, and transition to the Netherlands.

Expat relocation services: education in the Netherlands

When you come to the Netherlands as an expat family, you can probably use some advice regarding the education of your child. Which schools fit best? Which schools prepares them the best for what comes next? Which schools are the most flexible? Which schools are best located? The answers to all these questions are unique since your family is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all here. And you wouldn’t want to take a gamble when it comes to the education of your children. Luckily, Edufax is here to help. We have already helped tons of expat families with the education of their children and other expat services in the Netherlands.

So much of what you are, is where you have been’’ It is amazing to support families with their new adventure.
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Language services for expats moving to the Netherlands

For expat children in the Netherlands, speaking the language is important. But which language? If they’re going to an international school, it’s important to learn English. Depending on the background of your kids, this could be easy or a big hill to climb. English language skills are important when your kids go to an international school. But being able to speak Dutch will also help them a lot. It will be easier for them to make new friends and to feel at home. And since the Dutch school system is of high quality, many expats op to have their children attend a local bi-lingual or even an all-Dutch school. Whether you want your kids to learn Dutch, English or both, it’s best to start prior to your departure. That way, your kids are well-prepared and able to adjust sooner and better. The teachers and language consultants at Edufax are specialized in helping children to learn the language. With many years of experience, we know exactly how to make them thrive in school and adjust to their new life. Regardless of where they’re coming from.

Expat services in the Netherlands | edufax

Expat services in the Netherlands: transition care

Not only can Edufax help you to learn Dutch or English. We can also support you during the transition to your new home country. Because moving between and to new countries is not only challenging for children, it can also be a challenging time for you. Transition Care is a set of preventive services to help your entire family with the move to a new country. Our specialists will support you before your departure, during the relocation and even after.

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Expat services in the Netherlands | edufax

Expat relocation services in the Netherlands for companies

Are you relocating employees to the Netherlands? You will have to arrange more than just the practical matters like housing. Have you thought about the education of the children of your expats? Research shows that 40% of international assignments that fall short are due to child-related issues. When your employees’ children aren’t getting the right education, they won’t feel at home. A big reason for your employee to return prematurely. Fortunately, Edufax works for lots of companies that deal with international assignments. We know exactly how to make your international assignments successful, by offering the right education advice and solutions for the children of your expats. Want to know more?

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