Are you relocating to the Netherlands? Maybe as a Dutch family who, after several years abroad, return to the Netherlands? Or are you coming to the Netherlands for the first time? Regardless of the background of your family, the education of your kids in case of a relocation to the Netherlands requires extra attention and planning. Edufax is ready to help you with that.

Relocating to the Netherlands: pick the right school

Before departure, you need to select a school in the Netherlands. And then you need to enroll your children there. Every situation is unique, and the school of choice needs to cater to the individual needs of the family. Returning families may end up in a different area than they have lived before. The children who went to school in the Netherlands before, may want to go back to their old school. But is that the most suitable option? Some already have a new school in mind. Others are unsure about the curriculum in the Netherlands. A broad overview of suitable options is needed. Our international education specialists will help you with just that.

Even if all parents need is reassurance, they are making informed decisions then we still play an important role in risk prevention.
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Adjusting to the language

Are you going to relocate to the Netherlands? That often means a new language at school. This can be very scary for children. They may not understand everything in the beginning, or they are unable to express themselves as well as they could before. Dutch children returning, may need to go back to a Dutch school but have spoken English for years at their international school. Children of other nationalities may go to a bi-lingual, Dutch-only or English-only international school. In any of these situations, the children may have need for some extra language assistance pre-departure. This helps the children attend their new happily and confidently. Edufax provides specific pre-departure language courses, remedial teaching and educational tests to help your kids get a great start at their new school.

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Relocate to the Netherlands with an educational report

For Dutch children who have lived abroad for several years or even all their life, it can be difficult to determine which level in the Dutch education system is the best fit for your child upon return. We offer specific in-person testing programs to help you find the right level. The output is an educational report that can be shared with the school in the Netherlands. Often such an educational report is required for the new school to assign the child to the right class and to provide the correct support.

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Mother Tongue Maintenance

In many situations, a non-Dutch family only stays in the Netherlands for a few years. It’s important to always keep your return in mind. A good command of the mother tongue is necessary to smoothly return to local home education. Even if a return is not planned in the foreseeable future, it’s desirable to maintain the mother tongue. Depending on the educational goal, we adjust our mother tongue maintenance lessons.

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Relocate to the Netherlands to study

After completing secondary school abroad, many Dutch children opt for an education in the Netherlands and relocate. On reason for this may be that studying in the Netherlands is often cheaper than in other countries. But a vibrant student life or the desire to return to your country of origin can also be a reason for this. The search for suitable education is no different for children who are relocating back than for children who have always lived in the Netherlands. It simply requires a little more preparation. The specialists at Edufax can also help you with that.

Transition care for when you relocate to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful and relatively easy country to live in. But for non-Dutch people, moving to the Netherlands, although rewarding, can also prove quite challenging. This should not be underestimated. Therefore, we have developed a service called Transition Care. This is a set of preventive services to help the entire expat family and to provide parents with tools to support their children when relocating to the Netherlands.

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