Remedial teaching

First attending school in the Netherlands, then moving abroad and going to a new school, and then back to the Netherlands… Children of parents who have to travel a lot always have to adapt to the education provided in the country concerned. No matter how much you do your best to arrange everything properly, there is a chance that an educational delay will occur. That is why you can come to us for remedial teaching. We look specifically at the support your child needs. An experienced, professional and flexible teacher will then work with your child on these challenges.

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Targeted support for the child
Individual guidance from an experienced teacher
Support for difficulties arising from curricular differences
Both online and on-site
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Flexible tailor-made remedial teaching

When you engage us for remedial teaching, we first determine where the child’s learning needs lie. We do this through an educational assessment. This allows us to fully tailor the amount and type of support to the child.
An experienced teacher then works with the child during individual lessons. These lessons can be organised online or on location in the Netherlands. A suitable solution for everyone!

Remedial teaching | edufax

Remedial teaching: more than just tutoring

Remedial teaching is much more than just tutoring. In fact, we look not only at the content subjects, but also at the child’s learning style and skills. Think of spelling, grammar, reading and arithmetic. Remedial teaching is also often very suitable if there are learning difficulties, for example dyslexia.

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Remedial teaching | edufax

Return assistance

Are you returning to the Netherlands after a deployment? Edufax helps you further. Together, we make sure your child enters Dutch education smoothly. We investigate which school and level suits best and remedy any difficulties caused by differences in the curriculum with remedial teaching. Discuss the possibility of receiving this kind of support with your employer. That way, together we will ensure that your return to the Netherlands goes smoothly.

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As a teacher at Edufax, I am also a familiar piece of Dutch culture to the family.
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