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When sending an employee with children, there is a lot involved. Especially when it comes to education. Getting this right is very important. Happy kids, happy employee. This increases the chances of a successful assignment abroad. With our Educational Support Package, we support families moving abroad. We can do something for every child in primary or secondary education.

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Tailored educational advice with long-term vision
Analysis and mitigation of risks
Business policy management and cost efficiency
Ongoing support before departure, during deployment and repatriation
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A smooth transition

When your employee embarks on an international assignment with his or her family, it is very important that the children’s educational situation is well taken care of. Because when the children are happy, so is your employee. That way, the chances of a successful assignment are greatest.

That is why we offer these families a package of comprehensive educational support. This way, we minimise the risks of mission failure.

Educational support package | edufax

What does the Educational Support Package entail?

Our Educational Support Package comprises three main phases. Pre-departure support, ongoing support and return support. Standard services that are always adapted to the expatriate families in question. Because every situation is different, as we know better than anyone.

Educational support package | edufax

Departure support

The first component of the Educational Support Package is departure support. We contact the expatriate family to assess the situation. This allows us to respond to the family’s individual needs. Through a survey, the children’s education is mapped out. Next, a personal consultant analyses the challenges and needs for the new home country. This is of course explained in an interview and recorded in the Educational Mobility Report.

If the family already has a school in mind, we check whether this choice is in line with our advice we contact the admissions department to inquire about available places and curriculum. The goal? Proper preparation so that families feel comfortable and confident about their children’s education abroad.

Educational support package | edufax

Ongoing support

Throughout the deployment, we are available to the families with ongoing support. We contact them annually to check whether everything regarding education and keeping up with the modern language is going as expected. Has the long-term vision perhaps changed? Then we make adjustments. We address any concerns and offer solutions where possible. At key moments, we step to the fore to switch between the company, families and schools.

It is also reassuring for the families that we are always on standby in the background. Is extra help needed during the deployment? An educational test, for example? Then we immediately anticipate this. This ongoing support prevents unexpected circumstances and costs at the end of the deployment.

Educational support package | edufax

Return support

Will the family return to the Netherlands? Or will they instead move to yet another country? Even then, different concerns arise. Because how and where does the child enter the Dutch or foreign school system? What is needed for that? Even then, we are there for the company, the family and of course the children. We take full responsibility for all educational issues in order to ensure a smooth return or further relocation.

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Seeing children smile and be happy in their new environment is what motivates me to do what I do every day.
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