Educational Consultancy Services

For decades, we have been partnering with global mobility teams and corporates worldwide supporting their relocating families with educational advice for their children. We have tailor made education consultancy packages, guaranteed to give your employees confidence and promote successful relocations.

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Personalised Educational Advice
Mitigation of risks
Expert Guidance
Ongoing support
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A smooth transition

Ensure the success of your international assignments by prioritizing the educational well-being of your employees’ families. Our comprehensive support includes expert guidance specifically tailored to the educational needs of your employees’ children. Minimize relocation risks, leave families confident and prepared. Invest in the success of your global assignments with our trusted support.

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Preparing to depart

We start by sending out questionnaires to the family to gain some background information about their child(ren). Once our education experts analyse this information, they schedule a consultation with the family to go over the educational system of their host location, curricular differences, important implications and answer any questions the family has in mind.


Ready to go

Shortly after we have had a consultation with the family, we send an educational mobility report . This contains an overview of our advice, important information and any other useful documents that will come in handy for their move.

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Checking in

A few months after the family has settled in their new host-location, we reach out to them to ensure they have settled in well and all is going smoothly with their children’s education.

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