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KMM Groep expands education business activities with acquisition of Edufax

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KMM Groep expands education business activities with acquisition of Edufax

KMM Groep, a fast-growing and innovative business group, acquired Edufax, a renowned education services company, on June 19, 2023. This acquisition marks another milestone in KMM Groep’s growth and creates new opportunities for Edufax to further develop and improve its services.

As part of the acquisition, KMM Groep will integrate Edufax’ operations with those of Wereldschool and LanguageOne, two other education organizations within the KMM Groep. This integration will enable the organizations to pool their resources, expertise and best practices to offer an even more comprehensive range of high-quality educational services to a global audience.

Wereldschool has been an established name in distance education for many years, providing customized education to Dutch children living abroad. LanguageOne has offered Dutch Language and Culture education for many years at, currently, 14 locations in Europe, Asia, Australia and America, as well as online.

The integration of Edufax with Wereldschool and LanguageOne ensures that students from all three organizations benefit from a wider range of services and even greater expertise in distance learning, and Dutch and multilingual education. In addition, this integration strengthens and expands the organizations’ international network.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Edufax,” said Meine Breemhaar, CEO of KMM Groep. “This strategic move will enable us to increase our impact in the world of Dutch education abroad and provide our customers with an even better learning experience. We will continue to continuously innovate and strengthen our position.”

KMM Groep will work closely with the Edufax team in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition and efficient integration of operations. Edufax customers will be kept informed of any changes and can continue to rely on the high quality and service that Edufax is known for.

About KMM Group

The KMM Group is a fast-growing and innovative group of companies with over 800 employees spread over four strong labels: IVIO, Metafoor, Karmac and Prosu. The KMM Group has existed since 1998 and has now grown to a size of 26 organizations.

About Edufax

Edufax is a renowned education services company focused on providing high-quality distance learning and international education consulting. With a team of experienced teachers and a wide range of educational programs, Edufax has gained worldwide recognition in supporting educational needs outside the traditional classroom.

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